The division was started in view of our customer’s growing requirements in this area. The growth has been tremendous from the aircraft manufacturers such as HAL. We have trained and skilled manpower to take up riveting jobs for new projects.

Our projects to name a few from this division:

  • Strap On Nose Cone (SONC) structure for PSLV
  • Reaction Control Structure (RCS) for PSLV
  • SITVC Aft Shroud structure for PSLV
  • SITVC Nose cone structure for PSLV
  • SBS/ITS skin panels for HAL, Aerospace Division

The facility includes the following:

  • Sheet/Cone rolling facility
  • Aluminium Ring machining
  • Rivetting
  • Oven for Annealing Rivets
  • Drilling gun / Rivetting Gun
  • Cadmium plating
  • Anodising Facility (Sulphuric acid & chromic acid)-Approved Source